Urban Style or Urbex is a contraction of the English words urban and exploring.

Urbex involves visiting interesting buildings and locations typically off-the-beaten-track. For most explorers, these are places that are abandoned and/or places that are off-limits and unseen by the general public. It might remind you a bit of exciting adventures you had when you were little.

The "Urbex-Code" is “Take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints”, there is wisdom in this.
I am vocally against taking anything from a location, ever. It isn’t mine, so this is theft. As responsible humans we should always take our litter home with us. We should endeavour to leave these places as we found them. This includes no graffiti/tags, as well as causing no damage.

For me, Urbex is leisure. However, it is not uncommon that I am asked to record something on request. Do you want to have your "old building" captured, containing real beautiful art or as a reminder before they are demolished or renovated? Feel free to let me know, you would be surprised at the result. And this I do it for Free because it is my leisure!