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Hi, my name is Gwendoline Beuserie, and I ame a single mother of a daughter of 5 years old. Living in Hoegaarden, Belgium.

Photography has always fascinated me. That's why I like to make an eternal memory of a snapshot. I love portraiture and hope to show the beauty, grace, strength and enthusiasm of people. I will place people in situations that highlight and aspect of who they are. I hope by tuning in to my own interpretation of the subject, i can express my feelings about what I see.

I prefer to keep it pure and spontaneous, however clients often have a vision that needs to be directed, but that keeps it exciting.

I took a photography course at the fotografie instituut and I followed many workshops, for more details

you can consult my Curriculum Vitae (Certificats - Followed workshops).

On the Brussels Campus (Narafi), LUCA School of Arts organizes professional Bachelor & Master courses in

Audiovisual Techniques Photography.  Because of the possibility to achieve this through distance learning, I have decided to obtain my master's degree in Photography. Hopefully in 2025 I can say that I have graduated.

The camera i use is not important as my vision - it's what you see that counts and plenty of practice.

But I started shooting with a Nikon D750 which I upgrade to a Nikon D850 after one year. After 3 years I decided to buy a system camera and after some leasing I decided to go ahead with a Sony A1 System Camera with the best lenses I can have, capturing images is RAW which I later make a master file from in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

​I hope you will enjoy my work and if you have any suggestions, please don't hesitated to leave your remarks at the contact file.